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About Us

Bharat jewellers is a complete hallmark and Certified Jewellery Brand.It has all its collection in best & top  purity.Everything are checked by very reputed laborateries like BIS,IGI,GIA which are top in the industry.Even the least value silver is also hallmarked.The jewellery of Bharat jewellers are unique in their design and almost has the new trends going into the market.

Bharat jewellers also follow the transparent pricing policy and customer satisfacation is very high related to price as well.Also the stone are charges seprately and not with the gold charge.It also has very friendly exchange and return policy in which customer feels comfortable with shopping at Bharat jewellers.


We deal in extreme high class gold, diamond, silver and gemstone jewellery.
Our showroom is completely hallmark and certified from well recognized laboratories and our quality associates are GIA, IGI and BIS which are among top laboratories in jewellery industry.

• Completely in 22k BIS Hallmark Gold jewellery
• Completely in IGI Certified Diamond jewellery
• Completely in GIA certified solitaire jewellery
• Completely in 925 BIS hallmark silver Sterling Silver
• Completely in certified gemstone, which are high class ornaments


• We provide everything in Best Selling Rate with no wastage and no polish charges. Our rate per gram gold is low.
• We ensure 100% Best Buyback and all ornaments value are given maximum value in return.
• We give Best Exchange period and ensure that customer feel comfort in shopping and getting their best choice jewellery.
• Our business motto is to client satisfaction and money value of the customer.
• Our business vision is to serve more and more people with hallmark and certified ornaments in various geographical direction.
• We believe in “Rishta Pyaar Aur Vishwas Ka” and lifelong relationship with clients.